A Song A Week One : Mistadobalina

To start off my (frankly ridiculous task) of trying to talk about a song a week, I’m starting off with a lighter and more fun track. Mistadobalina, the on Del tha Funky Homosapien’s debut album, I Wish my Brother George Was Here was one of the first tracks I heard when I was trying to diversify my musical tastes. So I figured it would be a good song to start with. All of the songs I am going to write about, I have some sort of connection, as simple as that I just enjoy it, to more complex reasons.

In this case, I enjoy this song immensely, along with it’s influence on my musical taste.

Now that I’m done rambling, lets go through some history and talk about the actual song!

After writing lyrics for his cousin Ice Cube as a teenager, Del the Funky Homosapien would release I Wish My Brother George Was Here at the age of eighteen. Reflecting their working relationship, Ice Cube would help produce the album, as well as contributing vocals and ad-libs. Along with Ice Cube, the album was produced by Del and the Boogiemen (a group of music producers). Taking a somewhat different style of lyricism than typical Bay Area hip-hop of the early, Del’s lyrics tend to more reflect the burgeoning Alternative Hip-Hop style, with a much different lyrical focus than his cousin. Mistadobalina, for example, is built around a sample from the Monkee’s song Zilch, a bizarre track in it’s on right. In Del’s own words, “I just kind of conceptualized who Mr. Dobalina would be which is basically somebody who thinks he know what hip, he think he cool, but he’s really right off. Like he ain’t right on — he right off.”

Mistadobalina is not a guy you wanna be friends with. Del describes a man who desperately wants to be friends, but every fiber of their being seems dedicated to this in the most material, surface level ways. I think the lines near the end of the song best sum it up:

But what is funny is ya wanted to be down with my crew

But D-E-L is not down with any clowns or jesters

So I would suggest that you try to impress Uncle Fester, Dobalina

Because ya don’t impress me Dobalina

The style of dress is not the key Dobalina

It’s all in the mind and the heart, so you should start

By remembering ya gotta pay a fee Dobalina

I think this most captures the mood of the song, a kind of thesis statement that Del reached when he made up the character of Mistadobalina. I’m sure most of us have had to deal with a Mistadobalina at some point in their life. I hope I’m not one!

(And also this song is just fun. Also, I found an old, low budget music video for your viewing pleasure.) I hope you like this, and I hope I can actually do 51 more of these.

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