Well, I’ll start this one with a bit of a confession. I love metal.

Thrash metal is one of my favorite sub-genres of metal.


I don’t really like Slayer all that much.

Maybe it’s the lyrics. I found some of them to be so horror inspired that they wrap around to just cheesy.

However, A few of their songs are standouts, not just for themselves, but for metal as a genre. Two songs that come to mind are Chemical Warfare and Seasons In The Abyss.

As picky as I am when It comes to metal, this Slayer song is one of my overall favorites.

It’s slower, but still thrashy sound is probably one of the reasons I like it so much.

One of my favorite genres of metal is doom metal, with it’s slower, heavy riffs. It lends itself to a more introspective sound, for lack of a better term. The opening riff of this song, combined with Dave Lombardo’s rolling drum fills sets the tone for a more interesting and textured Slayer song.

Also, I included the music video, famously filmed in Egypt around Ancient Egyptian ruins.

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